Belarus 2022.3

The MTZ 2022.3 tractor is highly regarded in the agricultural sector for its versatility and power. With a 212 hp engine and 4th class traction, it excels in various agricultural and industrial tasks. Equipped with a rear-mounted hydraulic system, it can accommodate a wide range of attachments, making it suitable for harvesting, transporting goods, loading, and unloading activities. Its all-wheel-drive capability ensures stability and performance even in challenging conditions, making it a popular choice among farmers and industrial operators alike.

Type6-cylinder, turbocharged and aftercooled
Power212 hp / 156 kW
Environmental StandardStage II
Specific Fuel Consumption250.0 ± 7.0 g/kWh
Maximum Torque900 Nm
TransmissionManual speed constant mesh with gears, synchronizers for gear changes within each range, range switching gear clutches, and synchromesh
ClutchDouble-disc friction, constantly closed type
Number of Gears Forward/Reverse24/12
Rear Power Take-Off (PTO) Speeds540/1000 rpm
Weight Adjustable Attachment to Suspension AxisMinimum 6500 kg
Maximum Pressure20 MPa
Volumetric Pump FlowMinimum 55 l/min
Hydraulic System Capacity35.0 ± 0.5 liters
Running System
Front Tires420/70R24
Rear Tires580/70R42
Brakes/Trailer BrakesMultidisc/pneumatic, locked with tractor brakes
Maximum Allowable Weight10000 kg
Climatic PerformanceU1
Minimum and Maximum Speeds Forward/ReverseMin 1.14/1.6 km/h; Max 39.7/18.7 km/h
Reversing GearboxMechanical
Model Features
EmissionsDiesel emissions of hazardous substances correspond to Stage II
ContitioningAir conditioner
WheelsSet for rear dual wheels
Possible additional equipmentFront PTO, Front attachment, Auxiliary seat, Ballast Front total weight up to 1010 kg
Belarus 2022.3 overview

The MTZ 2022.3 tractor epitomizes versatility and power in the agricultural and industrial sectors, boasting a robust 212 horsepower engine and 4th class traction capability. Designed for maximum efficiency, it features a manual speed constant mesh transmission with 24 forward and 12 reverse gears, ensuring seamless operation in various terrain conditions. Its hydraulic system, with a weight-adjustable attachment and maximum pressure of 20 MPa, facilitates the use of a wide range of attachments, making it adaptable to harvesting, transporting goods, and loading tasks. Equipped with an air conditioner and set for rear dual wheels, this tractor offers enhanced comfort and stability for operators tackling demanding tasks. With its all-wheel-drive capability and versatile features, the MTZ 2022.3 is a trusted companion for agricultural and industrial operations, delivering reliable performance and versatility in every task.