John Deere taking the 9RX tractor to a new level with three all-new models

At this year’s Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas (USA), John Deere unveiled its most powerful production tractor ever, expanding the 9RX Series tractor lineup with the 710, 770 and 830 models. The new 9RX series models offer greater operator comfort, unprecedented traction and the latest precision farming capabilities, fitting into a vehicle less than 3m wide, perfect for the European and CIS markets.

Greater operator comfort

In the new CommandViewTM 4 Plus cab, operators will enjoy significantly greater comfort and visibility, as well as increased cab floor space. The new cab suspension with three degrees of freedom, along with an isolated subframe, reduces noise and vibration. ActiveCommand Steering (ACSTM) adjusts the steering force according to the driving speed for easy and precise control. With the ACS system, it takes only three full turns of the steering wheel to change direction in the fields, and on the road there is an increase in the sensitivity of the system (and up to 5 turns of the steering wheel) to make it easier to keep a straight line. The quick fuel system allows the 1,952 l* diesel tank to be filled in less than 4 minutes. This increases work efficiency and minimizes daily non-productive time. In addition, daily maintenance points can be easily accessed from the ground or via the new maintenance podium around the cab. A longer hydraulic oil change interval (4,000 hours) and an optional reverse fan further contribute to increased uptime.

9RX710-9RX770-9RX 830-cabin

Exceptional traction properties

The new 9RX series tractors are equipped with the 18L JD18X engine, which delivers a maximum power of 913 horsepower with low specific fuel consumption and a torque of up to 4,234 Nm in the top model. Notably, this engine is fully Stage V compliant without the use of AdBlue® diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). A triple hydraulic pump with a maximum flow of up to 636 l/min and an Intelligent Power Management (IPM) hydraulic system that provides up to 40 hp of additional power when needed ensure sufficient power for even the largest hydraulic implements. The new fully mechanical “e21™PowerShiftTM” transmission with “Efficiency Manager” perfectly utilizes the high engine performance and torque of the 9RX series tractors, while the automation familiar from the e23TM transmission ensures exceptional driving comfort. Its 21 gears have small gaps, so operators can easily find the right speed for different tasks. New chassis with larger 1200mm diameter drive pinions have a 110° wrap angle and 7.5 drive bit engagement. A maximum ballast weight of 38,100 kg ensures that power and torque are efficiently transferred to the ground. Although the increased power of the new 9RX series tractor requires a larger vehicle itself, the minimum ground pressure level remains at 0.58 kg/cm², i.e. i.e. similar to the current smaller 9RX models.

The latest in precision agriculture

The new 9RX Series tractor models feature advanced smart farming capabilities, including a 32.5 cm (12.8 in.) high-resolution G5Plus CommandCenter™ and fully integrated John Deere precision farming technologies such as Variable Rate Control, 1-Touch Auto setting, section control and full compatibility with AEF ISOBUS. Standard features such as JDLink™Connectivity, documentation and DataSync increase overall productivity. The free John Deere Operations Center™ acts as a central platform that connects machines, operators and fields. It facilitates data synchronization and collaboration with third parties.

Engine 9RX 710 9RX 770 9RX 830
Max. engine power 781 hp (574 kW) 847 hp (623 kW) 913 hp (672 kW)
Max. engine torque (Nm) at 1400 rpm/min 3,622 3,928 4,234
Fuel tank capacity 1,952 L*
Base weight 33,500 kg 38,100 kg
Max. ballast weight 34,500 kg
Tracks 762 mm width Camso® Ag 3500 or 6500 tracks
Transmission e21™ 21-speed PowerShift

*Max. allowed fuel tank capacity may vary by country.

9RX 710 tractor dimensions